Since 1988, Victory Press has brought Asian culture to the English-speaking world in the form of books, both for adults and children. The Legend of Mu Lan: A Heroine of Ancient China is the most widely known children’s story published by Victory Press. Produced five years before Disney’s animated version, the legend was licensed in Norway, excerpted as part of classroom teaching material, displayed at the Smithsonian Institute, and reviewed in School Library Journal. It was the first English language picture book about Mulan.

   Tofu Power™

Tofu Power™ is a series about fifteen year old Tina Long and her multi-ethnic/racially diverse high school classmates who all practice kung fu and use it to battle the injustices of the world. The key to their supernatural powers is tofu cooked with a magic mushroom sauce called ling jure, which her father makes at his South China Cafe. They fight elder abuse, corrupt politicians and drug dealers. They also champion environmental causes and human rights issues.


The Legend of Mu Lan - A Heroine of Ancient China

In ancient, war-torn China, hundreds and hundreds of men were called upon to defend their homeland. Unknown to all, there stood one female among the soldiers. Disguised as her brother, in order to take her father's place in the army, heroine Mu Lan bravely defends her country with superior martial arts.
Cheng An Jiang and Wei Jiang are an award winning father/daughter team of authors and illustrators who have published between them over one hundred children's books. They have remade the classic Chinese poem of Mu Lan into an easy-to-read, vibrantly colored picture book.
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Zen :
Key to Your Undiscovered Happiness

When You are Frustrated with Life's Problems, Zen is indispensable! Zen serves like a boat which can help you cross life's torrents safely. It is like a doctor, whom you do not need while healthy; but when you are ill, he is indispensable. Keeping you serene, contented and free from worry are just a few practical applications of Zen to our daily living.

Zen is an easy-to-understand discussion of Buddhism with application to modern, everyday life.

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Chan Mi Gong :
Chinese Meditation for Health

When You are Frustrated with Chan Mi Gong is one of the most popular types of qigong (ch'i kung) in mainland China today. Years of experience have shown that chan Mi Gong can develop internal qi, regulate body metabolism, promote health, prevent illness, bring forth latent ability and develop intelligence.

This step-by-step manual includes illustration and instructions for learning this simple, but powerful type of qigong.

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Adventures of
Monkey King

Follow the adventures of the magical Monkey King and the gluttonous Piggy as they accompany Monk Tang on a journey from China to India to gather Buddhist scriptures.

The story of Monkey King has been read and loved by Chinese children for hundreds of years. Now it is available in an easy-to read English translation.

A light-hearted look at the true story of the Chinese pilgrim Tang Xuan Zang who is often credited with bringing Buddhism from India to China.

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