Adventures of Monkey King

ISBN: 0-9620765-1-1
128 pages with illustrations
out of print
Kindle Edition

China’s most popular folk tale

Adventures of Monkey King
by R. L. Gao
illustrated by Marlys Johnson-Barton

Follow the adventures of the magical Monkey King and the gluttonous Piggy as they accompany Monk Tang on a journey from China to India to gather Buddhist scriptures.

The story of Monkey King has been read and loved by Chinese children for hundreds of years. Now it is available in an easy-to read English translation.

A light-hearted look at the true story of the Chinese pilgrim Tang Xuan Zang who is often credited with bringing Buddhism from India to China.

What others are saying about Monkey King

  • "Better than the Ninja turtles, better than the Power Rangers."
    - S. Zhang, Instructor, Defense Language Institute
  • "Hilarious! Plenty of action move the text along at a fever pitch, and young readers are not likely to resist being pulled along with it."
    - Booklist
  • " . . . truly a fun book"
    - Rock Ford Daily Gazette
  • "A story with universal appeal. A charming way to look at human nature.
    - L. H. Ko, teacher

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