Tofu Power™

Tofu Power™ is a series about fifteen year old Tina Long and her high school classmates who all practice kung fu and use it to battle the injustices of the world. The key to their supernatural powers is tofu cooked with a magic mushroom sauce called ling jr, which her father makes at his South China Café.

Tina is Chinese American. She is a good student, a good daughter and a hard worker at her parents’ restaurant. She always helps elderly people. Her weapons are chopsticks.

Phong Ha is a goofy clown. He uses humor to thrown off his opponent’s concentration. His weapons are a long fork and a large pot lid.

Gudalupe (Lupe) Lopez is Mexican American girl who is pretty and vivacious. She is talkative and can talk her way out of any situation. Lupe is really good helping young children. She uses two long fruit slicing knives and her long braid as a weapon.

Eric Pitman is quiet and smart and good with technology. He uses extension cords as his weapon. He is super religious (Catholic).

Joe Smith is tall and brawny. He is the strong silent type. He prefers to fight directly with his hands but broom and dust pan to defend himself if he must. He is a bit of a heart throb.

Chapter 1 – The friends rescue an Alzheimers patient from abuse at a convalescent home.    Background story – The story of the origin of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Chapter 2 – The friends uncover illegal use of city funds by a former mayor and help construction workers get fair pay.    Background story – the magic mushroom sauce from Mt. E Mei.

Chapter 3 – The friends bust a drug dealer.    Background story – the nun Ng Mui

Chapter 4 – The friends bust fisherman catching protected species.    Background story – the origin of Shaolin Kung Fu

Chapter 5 – The friends help immigrants who work in the fields get fair pay